here’s the full article: http://www.bt.com.bn/en/news-national/2010/03/27/daytime-switch-ubd-students

We are proud to announce that the Earth Hour @ FBEPS initiative went quite well. Although, there is some minor hindrance to the initiative; such as not being able to find the light switch (lol) and others. Many have questioned our decision of why did we observe Earth Hour a full 12 hour before the actual mark. The article above explains the reason why we did what we did.

On behalf of the whole FSC team, I would like to thank all of you (students, lecturers, staffs and others) who made this all possible. Thank you.

PS: I shall post the photos later. Its 8:30 PM now. Lights out people.  🙂

Edit: Here’s some of the pictures that we took yesterday

Its 8:30 am and its dark w/o the lights

Another dark corridor

Asking a lecturer to switch off the light

The power of the Sun

The supportive staff 🙂

Earth Hour @ FBEPS 2010

be green!


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