Dean’s cup draw


First of all, i would like to inform that the AGM went quite well (this despite having a low – medium turnout). However, many important issues were raised. The involvement of the students during the QnA session was quite encouraging. I shall post about the AGM or its review and the important points that were raised during the meet in a future post.

Now, i shall focus on the Dean’s cup draw that was held earlier today. There are some hiccups during the draw itself but we managed to pull through. Now, we have a total of 10 teams participating for this year’s Dean’s cup which will be held next week at the UBD sport complex.

The draw

So here’s the result of this year’s draw:

Dean’s Cup 2010

Team 1. (BLACK)

(1st yr) Jazmi Kamel

(2nd yr) Khairul Asri Hasbi

(3rd yr) Ali Abdullah

(4th yr) Hazim Rahman

(2nd yr) Hafizuddin

(3rd yr) Aryf Zainal

(2nd yr) Qamarul

Team 2. (PINK)

(1st yr) Adi Asnawi

(2nd yr) Hj Azmi

(3rd yr) Doze

(4th yr) Yaakup

(Master) Rijal

(3rd yr) Syaza Syazwan

(4th yr) Syawal

Team 3. (WHITE)

(1st yr) Md Khairul

(2nd yr) Deen Ramlee

(3rd yr) Adib Johar

(4th yr) Ari Tajuddin

(2nd yr) Sylvan

(3rd yr) Hazame

(2nd yr) Adi Helmi

Team 4. (STRIPES)

(1st yr) Hamizan Tengah

(2nd yr) Mizan Zaidin

(3rd yr) Raihan

(4th yr) Adib Matali

(2nd yr) Khairi

(3rd yr) Hirman

(4th yr) Zaim

Team 5. (ORANGE)

(1st yr) Syahmi Othman

(2nd yr) Afiq Ahmad Mahmud

(3rd yr) Fadhil Masri

(4th yr) Mun’nim

(2nd yr) Hariz

(3rd yr) Lim

(3rd yr) Fadzil Yanie

Team 6. (GREY)

(1st yr) Izzat

(2nd yr) Halim Ali

(3rd yr) Sunday

(4th yr) Jum Jumat

(2nd yr) Suud Hamid

(3rd yr) Amar Agus Din

(2nd yr) Amalul

Team 7. (BLUE)

(1st yr) Firdaus Ismail

(2nd yr) Shahrull

(3rd yr) Nazirul

(4th yr) Ashmawi

(2nd yr) Fizz Osman

(3rd yr) Hafiiz Hassan

Team 8. (GREEN)

(1st yr) Faiz Badri

(2nd yr) Aizuddin

(3rd yr) Faadzil Yussof

(4th yr) Mahdani

(2nd yr) Indera

(3rd yr) Azmi Yassin

Team 9. (YELLOW)

(1st yr) Shuif

(2nd yr) Javon

(3rd yr) Radzi Amin

(4th yr) Nasrul Hanif

(2nd yr) Adri Firdaus

(3rd yr) Firdaus Mokim

Group Stage:

Group A: (6th April)

Team 5 (Ivory Coast)

Team 1 (New Zealand)

Team 3 (Germany)

Team 4 (Argentina)

Team 10 (Spain) – Lecturers

Group B: (7th April)

Team 9 (Brazil)

Team 7 (BLUE)

Team 2 (Portugal)

Team 6 (GREY)

Team 8 (Mexico)

*Team shirts are subject to changes

All teams will proceed to the knockout stages

For any questions and inquiries please don’t be afraid to approach any member of our committee. Thank you


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