A job well done


“what started out as a research project for Economy of Brunei (EK3244) turned into a charitable act whereby we have received donations from staff and students of UBD and other members of the public who has come foward to lend a helping hand for the less fortunate families of Brunei” – FBEPS poverty project team


‘An exploratory study of poverty in Brunei Darussalam’

Last wednesday, the FBEPS poverty project team held a public presentation titled “An exploratory study of poverty in Brunei Darussalam”. The presentation was attended by the Vice Chancellor of UBD, the Dean of FBEPS, the Dean of Students. Representatives from BIBD, Sounds of Hope, students and members of the public were also present to witness the presentation. The presentation marked the end of their poverty project.

The FSC would like to congratulate the FBEPS poverty project team for a job well done on their endeavor. Throughout their journey they have managed to raise awareness on the poverty situation in Brunei. At the same time, they’ve managed to mobilize some degree of support to the least fortunate families in Brunei. This was also made possible by the generous contributions from members of the public, staff & students of UBD and sponsors such as BIBD.

The poverty project team

To the poverty project team, a job well done guys. You have made your friends and families proud. FBEPS and UBD is also proud to have students like you



3 Responses to “A job well done”

  1. 1 nuar

    thank you for the post 🙂

  2. 2 Zeemah Ahmad

    This Poverty project is one example of how the students of Brunei can lend a hand… speaking as a peer, I am very very proud of you guys n girls… NOW THIS IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!!

    you have a fan in me… May Allah bless you all and your efforts towards this. Although the initial intention is to explore the issue of poverty, the handouts are a blessing. You have opened this opportunity and for that you should be proud. Hats off to you..!

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