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Hey all, I hope you guys are having a really nice holiday. For those of you who are in their respective WAP duties, we hope that you will learn valuable knowledges from the respective departments that you are posted in. There is no major news regarding our faculty. But be sure to check here if […]

Exams are over!


Yesterday marked the end of the end of the academic year, the end of the semester. And what a semester it was. It was in the middle of the semester that we had the new FSC intakes come in. We have arranged some activities in FBEPS and UBD. There are plans for more in the […]


Exam season will be ending soon, marking the end of the semester and as you may already know, this is the final exam the fourth years are sitting for before they leave the university. So to bid them adieu, we’ve decided to throw them a little something. It would mean a lot if you readers […]



Good luck to all UBDians