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– 26/07/2010 – – for more pictures click on the following facebook links: Azmi’s Orientation album and/or Amar’s FBEPS Olympics album Advertisements

Yesterday, the faculty held an orientation session for its new intakes; and we are quite pleased to tell you guys that it went off quite well. Well done to those parties involve in making it a  success (FBEPS Admin staffs, FSC and the volunteers). Everyone had fun during our little FBEPS Olympics. Anyways, for info day […]

The FSC team is looking volunteers for Freshers’ Week Faculty Orientation, on Monday 26th July 2010. Certificates will be provided, as well as refreshments. 🙂 Simply visit the Facebook FBEPS page and comment on the latest status update, or leave your contact details in the comment column, or contact any of the FSC members. Your […]

Hey peeps, I just wanna inform you guys that UBD will be having its annual Freshers’ Week next week. This is to welcome all the new intakes to this wonderful university. As usual, FBEPS will also be having our own welcoming ceremony/orientation of the new blood new intakes to this faculty. Rest assure, we the […]



Ok, we got some bad news and some good news for you peeps. The bad news is, the Formal dinner at the Radisson is cancelled. We got quite a negative response from the ticket sale and this despite the polls stating otherwise. The good news is instead of the formal dinner, we the FSC have […]