Ok, we got some bad news and some good news for you peeps. The bad news is, the Formal dinner at the Radisson is cancelled. We got quite a negative response from the ticket sale and this despite the polls stating otherwise. The good news is instead of the formal dinner, we the FSC have collectively decided on having a FBEPS BBQ event.

The BBQ will be held on the 1st of August 2010 at Bukit Shahbandar BBQ area. This event is open to all students, lecturers and staff members of FBEPS. The focus of this event would be to reunite the graduating batch of last academic year and give them a final send off. This will be a chance for us to mingle with them and for the seniors; a chance for them to unite for the last time before they graduate. Several games and activities are planned for the event. With Barbeque food, good crowd, fun and games; is there any reason for any of you to not come?


FBEPS’s Barbeque

Location: Bukit Shahbandar

Time: 9am onwards

Date: 1st August 2010

For those interested to come for the event; you have to register yourself  and pay a collection fee of $10. the deadline for the collection and registration is on the 28th of July. To register and pay the collection fee, feel free to contact the numbers below:

CHAI +6737108606

FAR +6737108680

YUR +6737108707

FIZZ + 6737108607

TYX +6737108657

Thank you



2 Responses to “BBQ!”

  1. 1 AR

    Hi..perhaps you’d like to post around the Faculty? Btw, any plans for Faculty Orientation? I would like to know..thanks!

  2. Hello Ms Zida.. yes, we’re probably going to post something around the faculty to let the lecturers and staff know. thanks for the suggestion. and if you want you can spread the news for us for the time being 😛 about the faculty orientation, we have a few ideas but nothing confirmed yet. We’ll let the president get back to you on that asap 🙂

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