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Assalamualaikum and hello to fellow students. The convocation day is coming and the convocation festival is going on around the campus. In conjunction with UBD ‘Pesta Konvo 2011’, FBEPS Student Council 2011/2012 is organizing an event entitled “FBEPS STUDENT ENTERPRISE DAY & CHARITY WEEK” which is currently going on at CLT, Taman Rakis, UBD starting from 10th Sept […]

In conjunction with UBD ‘Pesta Konvo’ 2011, FBEPS Student Council is organizing ‘FBEPS Student Enterprise and Charity Day’ on 10th Sept 2011 till 16th Sept 2011. We are inviting the students to be part of the massive project. Rental would be as low as $50 for the WHOLE WEEK. Are interested in being one of […]